Science Opinion Panel Survey is a science communication platform developed by the Center for Science, Technology and Environmental Policy Studies to present the results of surveys conducted on today's most relevant science issues.




Fervor Creative

Project Type

Art Direction, Identity, Website


UI Designer

Project Overview

Changing the way scientific information is generated and shared

The client came to Fervor looking to create a new kind of scientific database. One that wasn't locked behind a university email and took a PhD to understand. They wanted a site that made it easy to find out what the general scientific consensus is on current topics in science news.


Design a database-style website that is as visually interesting as it is intellectually informative.

My Role/Responsibilities

Art Direction
Identity, web, & infograph design
Client communication
Developer handoff

Research & Planning

Gaining insight & empathy

Initial research was conducted on similar database websites to gain empathy for users and understand what type of structure, layout, and functionality is typical of that type of site. We wanted to identify what worked and what didn’t in order to design a better experience.

Database Analysis

We identified key elements where we could improve upon the design and functionality of a database style website.

Information Design Analysis

We also studied how other websites approached data heavy topics to determine how/if design treatment impacted our ability to understand the data being presented.

Site Map

We simplified the site's initial structure by combining similar information onto single pages and  renamed menu items to make the navigation more intuitive.


We knew from our research that the survey overview and individual survey pages were where drop off could occur. We explored a variety of layouts for those two pages in wireframes to determine which type of layout would create an easy and engaging user experience.

Design System

Simplifying complexity

SciOPS design system aims to make complex information approachable and beautiful. This is achieved through the use of more humanistic elements, such as a serifed typeface and organic animated graphics that infuse the site with life and personality.


The SciOPS logo blends visuals from data and science to represent the vast amount of information collected to bring forth a unified consensus.


Two contrasting typefaces were chosen for both their aesthetic appeal and readability at small scales.

Color Palette

The color palette was derived from ASU’s secondary palette with the hues adjusted to reflect a more sophisticated approach.

Information Design

For the infograph design, we decided to opt for a style that was minimal yet colorful. Oversized numbers were added to make the graphic quickly scannable.

Animated Icons

Three icons were designed and animated to visually represent the process that the SciOPS follows to collect, analyze and share their data.


A photo specific treatment was developed and used on key images throughout the site to create a distinct visual style for the site and darken images so that text could be added on top.

Final Design

Designing data that's relevant and relatable

By focusing on the quality of information instead of the quantity and approaching the design and UX with careful consideration of the end user, we were able to design a website that makes discovering and understanding the scientific community's opinion on relevant issues a straightforward and engaging experience.

Home Page
Key Features
  • A “web of information” hints to the sites content and draws the user in through connected visuals
  • A navy background instills a feeling trust and intentionally deviates from the white backgrounds typically found on database websites
  • Imagery is treated to both pop and fade into the background to draw attention and create a distinct visual language throughout the site
  • Animated graphics add an additional layer of interest and visually communicate the copy they’re paired with
Survey Overview
Key Features
  • Card style is a familiar and easy way to explore topics
  • Images appear on hover to visually communicate the topic of each survey
Individual Survey Page
Key Features
  • Infographs & their information were centered for a responsive friendly experience
  • An organized column layout makes the information easy to scan
  • Abundant use of white space allows for visual breaks

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